Hair pins and barrettes - How to Wear Ideas

Hair pins/combs and barrettes are versatile accessories that can add an elegant touch to formal wear hairstyles. Here are some stylish ways to wear them with formal attire:

  1. Chignon or Low Bun:
    • Create a classic chignon or low bun at the nape of your neck.
    • Secure the bun with hairpins, then strategically place decorative hair pins around the bun for a sophisticated look.
  2. Twisted Updo:
    • Twist sections of your hair into a loose updo.
    • Use hair pins to secure the twisted sections, and add a few embellished hair pins for a touch of glamour.
  3. Side Swept Hairstyle:
    • Sweep your hair to one side and secure it with hair pins.
    • For a formal twist, use decorative hair pins along the side-swept section to add sparkle and interest.
  4. French Twist:
    • Style your hair into a classic French twist.
    • Secure the twist with hairpins and accentuate the style by placing elegant hair pins along the twist.
  5. Braided Crown:
    • Create a braided crown by braiding sections of hair around your head.
    • Secure the braids with hair pins and intersperse decorative hair pins for a regal and feminine look.
  6. Half-Up Half-Down:
    • Opt for a half-up half-down hairstyle.
    • Use hair pins to secure the upper section, and add decorative pins for a polished and graceful appearance.
  7. Low Ponytail:
    • Tie your hair into a low ponytail.
    • Enhance the ponytail with hair pins, arranging them in a neat and stylish pattern.
  8. Vintage Waves:
    • Style your hair into vintage-inspired waves.
    • Secure the waves with hair pins, and add ornate pins or barrettes for a touch of Old Hollywood glamour.
  9. Braided Bun:
    • Create a braided bun by incorporating braids into a low bun.
    • Secure the bun with hair pins or combs and use decorative pins to highlight the braided details.
  10. Bouffant or Pinned Back Style:
    • Pin back sections of your hair for a refined, bouffant-inspired look.
    • Use hair pins to secure the hair in place, and choose embellished pins for added elegance.

When wearing hair pins with formal wear, consider the overall aesthetic of your outfit and the formality of the event. Whether you prefer subtle and classic pins or more elaborate and embellished options, incorporating hair pins into your formal hairstyle can elevate your overall look.

Violeta Gjolaj