Inauguration Day Headbands

Headbands were one of the top accessories at President Biden’s inauguration day. Catching the attention of girls and women around the world, headbands are more popular than ever, thanks to Amanda Gorman’s red headband, worn during the ceremony. Today we’re going to discuss the headbands that caught our attention on this momentous occasion, as well as how you can recreate this look at home yourself.

 Amanda Gorman

Without a doubt, Amanda Gorman was one of the shining stars of the inauguration ceremony. Reciting her stunning poem, The Hill We Climb, the 22-year-old has stolen the hearts of the nation and the world. However, many of our eyes drifted up to her Fiery Red Prada headband, which was the perfect accessory for the big day. Sat on top of her braided updo, it acted as a powerful accessory, almost like a crown. This statement has helped elevate the headband from a preppy hair accessory to one that will be worn to make a statement by powerful women worldwide. Since appearing at the inauguration ceremony, Amanda has been seen in various other headbands, including a bright yellow one on The Ellen Show. If you are looking to adopt Amanda’s signature style, opt for a classic Satin Pink Headband, which can be worn with your hair down or up.

 Ella Emhoff

Vice President Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter, Ella, stunned the crowd in a Miu Miu outfit, which was accessorized with a simple black headband. This slim headband kept her curly hair off her face, directing attention to her outfit instead. It’s the perfect example of using a headband as an everyday accessory without attracting too much attention. This is a great look to recreate at school or work, and this Satin Black Headband will offer you a similar look. Black headbands can go with almost any outfit and can easily be transformed from day to night to match your change of clothing.

 Lady Gaga

Always known for her unique and striking clothing and accessories, Lady Gaga’s attire was a little more subdued for this formal occasion. However, our eyes soon drifted to her hairstyle, which offered a unique alternative to a classic headband. Her hair was wrapped around a simple black headband to create a crown upon her head for her performance of The Star-Spangled Banner. If you don’t feel you are creative enough to recreate this look at home or have shorter hair, there are many alternatives you could opt for. Consider this Black Vera Headband, which can be worn alone or adorned with a magnetic accessory, such as this VG Bow Magnet. Magnetic accessories are such a fun way to mix things up, and you can create a new look every day of the week.

President Biden’s inauguration day was a historic occasion, and it was exciting to witness so many talented women taking part in this special day. These were just a few of our favorite accessories we saw during the ceremony, and these simple yet striking looks are so easy to recreate at home. For more inspiration and styling ideas, check out our collection of headbands at Violeta Giovanna.

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