Are you looking to update your wardrobe and accessories for Spring 2021? Consider adding some of these HOT TRENDS for 2021 into your outfits this year.



Regardless of the length of your hair, a headband is an excellent accessory for keeping your hair off your face during the warmer weather.  We highly recommend our Satin Pink or Satin White Headband, which will go with almost any outfit this season.  Alternatively, you could mix things up each day by using one of our magnetic headbands and interchangeable accessories.


Comfortable Sandals

It’s time to put away those winter boots and let your feet get some air with a new pair of sandals. Sports sandals are really popular this season, as they allow you to spend time outdoors exploring, thanks to their sturdy design. Otherwise, expect to see floral patterns on sandals this year, which will make a pretty addition to any Spring 2021 outfit.


Colorful Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies have come back in style in the past few years and are a fun way of keeping your hair off your face in the spring and summer months. You can buy them in almost any shade, so you can choose a pastel scrunchie for the daytime and transition to a metallic one at night.


Retro Sneakers

If you don’t fancy getting your feet out in sandals just yet, consider a comfortable pair of sneakers for the season. At the moment, retro-inspired sneakers are back in trend, reviving designs from the past. Sneakers are no longer reserved for just working out and can be paired with almost any outfit.


Hair Pins

Hair pins are a great way to finish off any outfit or hairstyle. While you’ll find plenty of plain hair pins on offer, look for ones with an added jewel or flower for a more eye-catching appearance.


These Spring 2021 essentials are all versatile enough to be worn with almost any outfit. Your shoes and hairstyle can make a huge change to your overall appearance, so by adding one or two of these elements each day, you’ll create a sophisticated look this season.

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