Summer Hairstyles


Summer Hairstyles

The summer is nearly here, so it’s time to take a look at the most popular hairstyles for Summer 2021. All of these hairstyles listed below can be coordinated with our headbands and interchangeable flowers, which make the perfect finishing touch for any of these ideas.

A Messy Bun

Getting your hair off your face should be one of your top priorities in the summer months. A messy bun requires minimal skill or effort and helps to remove your heavy hair from your neck. Add a headband for the perfect finishing touch and to make this hairstyle a little more exciting.

A Sleek Ponytail

When it comes to night-time hairstyles for the summer, a straight and sleek ponytail is a great option. Begin by straightening your hair, and then either use a center parting or scrape your hair straight back into a ponytail. Add a headband on top when finished to complete your look.

A Relaxed Side Plait

If you have longer hair, a relaxed side plait is a quick and easy hairstyle that adds a little more shape to straight hair. You’ll create a very basic three-strand plait, which will be placed to one side of your head. To finish off the style, add a headband on top with the flower of your choice to match your outfit. 

Add a Turban

One of the biggest concerns during the summer months is getting too hot on your scalp and head, and one of the best ways to overcome this is by wearing a turban. This will help to protect your scalp while also adding a pretty and summery touch to any outfit. You’ll find this to be the perfect accessory when you’re spending the day relaxing by the pool or exploring in the sun.

Slicked Back Hair

For those days when you want to wear your hair down, just brush your hair back and work some product through your roots to keep it slicked back. Add a headband on top to stop hair from falling into your eyes.

All of these summer hairstyles can be worn when heading to the beach, spending time with family, or just going about your everyday life. Adding a headband in the summer can help to keep hair off your face and keep you cool during the warmer weather.

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